Cod liver oil in a bowl

Cod liver oil has been consumed for thousands of years for the benefits of its natural omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin A and D content.

Dropi Cod Liver Oil is such a natural and unadulterated product that, obviously coming straight from cod fish, the potent fish scent can overpower the desire for ingesting this quality product and reaping the benefits.

In modern times, manufacturers have developed all sorts of processed, perfumed, diluted or untested fish oil products to appease the consumer.  However, the truth is that Dropi cod liver oil is the real stuff and, as such, does taste like cod liver oil.

Here are some tips to support you getting pure, unrefined cod liver oil even for the most squeamish of tasters.

Cod Liver Oil-Taking Tips

You will find that with time and some manipulation, it is really quite simple to take cod liver oil!

  1. Direct from the spoon. If you are accepting of the fish smell and taste, you can also hold your breath whist swallowing.
  2. Take the oil on a full stomach for example after a meal.  The food in the stomach will minimise any burping and reflux.
  3. Take the capsules. Dropi cod liver oil is encapsulated with gelatin derived from the fish and digest very quickly in the stomach.
  4. Dilute in flavoured drinks such as orange juice or spiced teas.
  5. Mix with acidity such as lemon juice or kombucha. This will help mask the flavour.
  6. Mix with a smoothie.
  7. Add to half a glass of water and drink in one swallow (this is what I do!).
  8. Add to salads as part of your dressing.  The flavour can enhance the taste of the greens in your salad.
  9. Take the oil with a crisp cucumber.
  10. Be patient. Taste buds and neurological connections adapt to taste over time.  With perseverance and patience, your body and mind will adapt to the smell and flavour.

Read our FAQ page for more information on the properties of Dropi oil.