Oil capsules made with the cold press methodHave you ever wondered how cod liver oil makes its way from the ocean to you?

Your typical cod liver oils and fish oil supplements are usually produced using heat treatment. This involves melting livers at extreme temperatures, sometimes up to 90º Celsius for long periods of time. This is how they extract the oil.

What’s the big deal with using heat treatment?

Natural vitamins and fragile fatty acids are damaged and even destroyed when using this process. To compensate, many manufacturers will inject synthetic vitamins back into the oil. These cod liver oils either lack the promised nutrients and benefits, or are filled with unnatural ingredients.

Are there better alternatives?

The cold process extracts the oil by physically squeezing the oil out of the livers at low temperatures. This method is a modernised version of an ancient technique, employed by early Viking settlers in Iceland over a 1,000 years ago.

The cold process method avoids exposing the oil to extreme temperatures or additional chemical additives during the extraction stage. This ensures that vital nutrients, such as fatty acids, including Omega 3, and Vitamins A and D are not damaged or destroyed, but rather preserved in their natural state.

This is why we employ the cold process method.

Icelandic mountains