Extra virgin, cold processed cod liver oil.

Glow from the inside

Aging is a journey to undertake gracefully. Create harmony and achieve the ultimate in wellness.


Sourced from the pure waters of Iceland.


Naturally high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin D and Vitamin A.

Harness the power of dropi

Cod liver oil

Extra virgin cold pressed cod liver oil sourced from the pure waters of Iceland.

Achieve the ultimate in health & wellness

A rich source of Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin D & Vitamin A.


Sourced via responsible fisheries and sustainable practices using Nordic traditions.

Aging is a journey to undertake gracefully. Create harmony and achieve the ultimate in wellness.

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What they say about us

We researched for a while to find the purest cod liver oil on the market for our family. Luckily, we came across Dropi, which sounded absolutely amazing, totally ethical and sustainable with a transparent process plus as pure as we imagined it to be. Our kids not only love the cute name “Dropi” but also simply like chewing on the capsules to break them open and suck out the oil. A perfectly vibrant nutritional brain boost for them before kindy and school. For us it works best just before bed to help with a restful and regenerative sleep. We absolutely love this pure cod live oil … Dropi!

Maki and Mike from 3 Little Spirals

Maki and Mike

After reading about Dropi and their processes I was interested to try. When I opened my Dropi for the first time I was so excited – they glow! Alive with goodness! Definitely happy with the obvious quality oil and the fish collagen capsules are brilliant. Nice to see such a well made, sustainable product.

About Larissa: Strength and fitness coach – naturopath in training

Larissa Watt

After taking Dropi oil daily for more than 6 months, I found my skin so well hydrated that I no longer need to use body moisturizer. This is true even through the winter months!

About Nikki: PhD in Immunology – Director and co-owner – Science Geek – Passionate believer in graceful ageing

Nikki Tsoudis headshot

Dr Nikki Tsoudis

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Fishing boats in Iceland

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